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new gloves with tattoes
дизайн упаковки
Packaging for canned fish
Marmalade redesign
Marmalade package design
New fish-canning trade mark
Design of coffee packaging
Design of coffee packaging
“Iz Sychiovki”
Redesigning the dairy products
Redesigning the line of dairy products
“Svoi produkty”
Branding for premium dairy
Branding for premium dairy Svoi produkty
Developing the visual identification
Developing the visual identification for Okraina brand
Gloves packaging design
TrueGlove gloves packaging design
Cosmetics packaging
cosmetics packaging
Cold cuts packaging
cold cuts packaging
Vietnamese tea
SenseAsia Vietnamese tea />
Packaging design of paints
Perfume redesign

«Angel baby»
Kids cosmetics
kids cosmetics

“Slobodskie kolbasy”
Vodka “Husky”
Line extention
Packaging extension
“Horeca Soyuzsnab”
Packaging for a new ingredients
“Monty snacks”
Packaging for a new line of snacks
Packaging for a new range of coffee
Redesign of cold cuts packaging
Packaging for a dairy products
Dairy products
“El Mustango”
Packaging for a wine
Table wine from Spain
Cranberry wine label design
Cranberry wine
An educational kit
Educational kit
“Rodnye Prostory”
Corporate design of suburban settlement
“Our Farm”
Packaging for a dairy products
Wine package
Wine package

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