Kind milkman
charity and milk

молочная линейка

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cheese proverbs

плавленый сыр ребрендинг

Comments Off on “Say cheese!” – a line of cheese spread CHEESE!

dry building mixes

lafargeholcim materials

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oils packaging

упаковка масла

Comments Off on Konoplyanka traditional high quality cold-pressed vegetable oils

alcohol concept

концепт алкоголя

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“Two birches”
farmers’ shops

ритейл фермерский магазин

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flour rebranding

разработка упаковки муки

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упаковка семечек и орехов Сенечка

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«Shildis Mtebi»
georgian wine

дизайн грузинского вина

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«Moje leto»
fresh vegetables brand

разработка упаковки овощей

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packaging redesign

редизайн плавленого сыра

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snack packaging
разработка упаковки семечек

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ice water packaging
упаковка ледниковой воды

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identity for PR Agency
разработка айдентики PR-агентства

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“Food Revolution”
A line of healthy products
разработка упаковки хлебцев

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Yakut sausages restyling
рестайлинг мясной продукции

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Rebranding of herbal teas
дизайн упаковки чая

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gift packaging
дизайн подарочной упаковки

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new gloves with tattoes
дизайн упаковки

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Packaging for canned fish

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Marmalade redesign

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New mark corporate identity

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“Iz Sychiovki”
Redesigning the dairy products

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Svoi produkty
фирменный стиль

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“Svoi Produkti”
Branding for the premium dairy products

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Brandbook and guideline

Comments Off on System of visual identification for TM Okraina

gloves with tattoes

Comments Off on Packaging design for domestic gloves Trueglove

cosmetics packaging

Comments Off on Arboris: package design for organic cosmetics

Cold cuts packaging

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Brew-bar identity

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Design of coffee packaging

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Vietnamese tea

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packaging design of paints

Comments Off on TRIM: packaging design of paints, dry mixes, finishing materials

Perfume redesign

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«Angel baby»
Kids cosmetics
kids cosmetics

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“Slobodskie kolbasy”
New logo development

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packaging extension

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Horeca Soyuzsnab
Packaging design for chiefs

Comments Off on Horeca Soyuzsnab: packaging design for professional kitchen products

Packaging for a new range of dairy products

Comments Off on Chernozemie: dairy packaging design

cold cuts packaging

Comments Off on Dymov: cold cuts packaging

Monty snacks:
packaging&copyrighting for a new line of nut snacks

Comments Off on Monty Snacks: snack packaging

packaging for a new range of coffee

Comments Off on Barista: coffee packaging

Rodnye Prostory
Logo, corporate design of suburban settlement

Comments Off on Rodnye prostory: corporate design for cottage settlement

El Mustango:
packaging and naming for a new wine trade mark

Comments Off on El Mustango: label design and naming for wine

Cranberry wine label design

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Our Farm
Packaging for a new range farm dairy products

Comments Off on Nasha Ferma: diary packaging design

tea concept packaging
дизайн упаковки

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Karadag wine package

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