Cosmetics packaging “Angel Baby”

To design the packaging for baby cosmetics (0 to 3 years old), to lay stress on its eco-friendly and natural ingredients, and at the same time to introduce some game elements and show that it’s fun to bath and it’s great and to be clean.

To find an easy-to-read and yet unobtrusive association with the animal world – dreamlike, friendly and easy to understand not only for the youngest children but also for their parents.

Pale green shade close to the color of grass, together with white and violet, highlights how natural and eco-friendly this product line is. Fairy-tale characters – a duck that loves to splash in water, a kitten that washes several times a day, a raccoon that likes to keep clean, and others – are designed to emphasize the purpose of each product. The logo and the slogan are also in accord with the general concept of lightness and purity.

Client: Baby cosmetics

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