New packaging design for domestic gloves Trueglove

Completed work packaging design
Creative director
Nadie Parshina
Tatiana Moseeva
Vlad Mikhailov
Marina Malygina
Tatiana Sergeeva
Continue the line of household gloves with fashionable tattoos – for white gloves with tattoos and a new kind of gloves.

To make cleaning less boring one can imagine being at a fashion show or in the spotlight of photographers. Quiet house work turns into a fascinating show, where it is highly appropriate to wear high heels and a pair of beautiful gloves.

Packing as a fashion magazine, it tells of trends of the season, gives useful tips and creates the mood. The set includes two gloves with two different tattoos prints (one for each hand) made by traditions of tattoo masters. Besides being informative the packaging involves the process of collecting, its QR code links up to the manufacturer’s site and helps to find out what paired gloves there are more.


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