Since 2012 we have been involved in the development of the branding of healthy foods in Russia.

We help quality products to get from the idea to its realization. We create the solutions that smartly and accurately convey the values and benefits of the product.

Services and expertise

Product design

Audit of the composition of the product in accordance with brand positioning
Refining the formula
Audit and correction of the product composition on the label
Specification of product category formula compliance: farm, natural, eco/bio, organic

Brand development

Research and analysis
Brand positioning and platform development
Research support
Brand architecture, brand portfolio
Brand name, product lines names
Brand legend
Packaging design (including e-commerce)
Structural design


Logistic packaging
Presentation materials for buyers
Audit, consultation on networks requirements for manufacturers
Assessment of the potential of new trademarks in the healthy lifestyle category with the purpose of bringing them to the federal level

Our experts

Nadezhda Parshina

The owner of the Ohmybrand Agency – the first branding agency in Russia for creating healthy and responsible brands. Regular speaker on the forums on innovation in the healthy foods branding, author of numerous publications in the media. Frequent winner of international packaging design competitions.

Key expertise: development of brand positioning in the healthy lifestyle niche, creation of packaging design.

Lydia McShane (Seryogina)

Entrepreneur, expert in the creation of healthy products since 2005. Observer of the market and of the innovative healthy food products in Russia and abroad. Brand manager of the “Azbuka Vkusa” supermarket chain in the category “products for healthy lifestyle”.

Key expertise: creation and correction of the product formula in the healthy lifestyle category, strategy and evaluation of food projects.