Green inspiration: rebranding of floriculture products InGreen


packaging design
Creative director: Nadezhda Parshina Design: Anna Rufova, Anna Burlakina From Plastic Republic: Ekaterina Mokhova, Anna Kamzolova


We and Plastic Republic have revamped the InGreen brand of flower pots and garden supplies. According to the new positioning, InGreen inspires to add greenery to your life.


Plastic Republic turned to Ohmybrand to renew the brand in anticipation of massive growth. It became obvious that in order to maintain a leading position in the Russian market, it was necessary to update the positioning of the brand, which was perceived simply as “a leader producing high quality products in the middle price segment.” Therefore, the company has developed a more accurate and emotional definition of InGreen: “The brand leader in the flower pots and garden supplies market, inspiring and providing solutions for everyone who cares about flowers, greenery and the garden.” The brand played into the hands of the fact that most competitors produce a variety of plastic products for the home, while the InGreen brand only produces pots and flower accessories. This allowed us to formulate a clearer key message for the target audience of InGreen – women for whom home, family, children, stability are important, who pay much attention to their health and creative fulfillment. We were guided by them when working on visual communications.


The new visual concept of InGreen is based on consumer insight associated with a lack of understanding of how this or that flower pot will look at home. It is difficult for a shopper in a store to imagine if the pot will match his furniture, wallpaper, etc. The updated packaging removes this barrier, helping the buyer to imagine how the chosen product will fit into the interior: InGreen collections are sharpened for different styles and colors to fit perfectly into the interior. “The labels seem to tell you: InGreen is exactly what your interior lacks, it will fill in the“ gaps ”and make the composition“ complete ”. This helps the consumer to feel the inspiration for planting a new or transplanting an existing plant, instills in him confidence that with InGreen he will accomplish his plans “perfectly well,” says Ohmybrand creative director Nadezhda Parshina. The updated visual style of InGreen not only gives customers a sense of inspiration, but also emphasizes such brand characteristics as relevance and compliance with fashion trends, thoughtfulness. The packaging design pays special attention to pictograms: research has shown that for buyers in this category, they are especially important and facilitate the selection process. In addition to the standard icons indicating the size and volume of certain pots, the presence of drainage holes and the possibility of root watering, icons have been developed for messages such as, for example, “suitable for a narrow window sill.” InGreen products in a new design have already appeared in all distribution channels – both in various retail chains and large online retailers such as Beru!, Wildberries and Ozon.