A fresh look at the traditional pattern: restyling of yoghurts "Zalessky Farmer"


Creative director Nadezhda Parshina Design Anna Burlakina Nikita Gavrilov


Ohmybrand has developed the Aqualine brand of fizzy drinks based on mountain spring water from Nizhny Arkhyz and on natural syrups. These bottles will perfectly fit into the composition of any festive table.


The Zalessky Farmer brand team was faced with the task of strengthening the brand’s position on the shelves of Moscow and St. Petersburg through a delicate renewal of the visual concept. The previous packaging design was perceived by the target audience as recognizable, but outdated. The “first sign” of the restyling, on which Ohmybrand worked, was the line of drinking yoghurts. The need to freshen up the design while maintaining the current logo and signature check pattern was highlighted in the opening lines of the brief. These are style-forming elements that run through the entire product portfolio of “Zalessky Farmer” and are responsible for the perception of the brand as a farming, traditional one. And this is not an empty statement: the company owns six modern livestock complexes and all products are really made from their own milk.


While working on the brand’s restyling, the Ohmybrand team suggested looking at farming from a modern angle, remembering that it is not only about the stereotypical images of bearded farmers, but also about technology, and about the reverent attitude towards the raw materials used, and close attention to quality at all stages. … The updated packaging of “Zalessky Farmer” became an illustration of this combination – modern technologies (they are reflected by the laconicism and “purity” of design), high-quality ingredients and traditions are literally kneaded on the bottle. The brand began to look more cheerful, spoke to consumers in a language they could understand. And the bright checkered pattern helped him to form a recognizable corporate spot on the supermarket shelf and to differentiate himself from federal competitors. Result The line in the updated design has already appeared on sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad and has attracted the attention of buyers.