Arkhyz sport water limited edition

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Креативный директор Надежда Паршина Дизайнер Анна Бурлакина



“Arkhyz. Legend of the mountains” expands the target audience and the range of situations where people drink mineral water. The new line of bottled water with different flavors is targeting the 20-35 years old city dwellers who live in an intense rhythm, work hard, do sports.
The idea, which was the result of testing the flavors, was to move away from the classic “water with lemon” and to create bright and unusual tastes: “Plum”, “Strawberry”, “Lemon & Tangerine Mix”. The packaging format is classic for sport water – bottles with a sport-lock cap.


It takes less and less time to make a decision in the supermarket, so you need very clear codes to quickly find your product on the shelf. Together with the team of the brand “Arkhyz. Legend of the mountains” we have made the choice as simple as possible for the consumers of sport natural mineral water Arkhyz with flavors.
The first thing the consumers of sport drinks pay attention to is the form factor. A sport-lock cap is an essential attribute of the drinks for people with an active lifestyle. It is convenient to use such a bottle on the move, to take it with you on a walk or on a training.
The second visual code is the category design. Minimalistic design is typical for functional drinks, isotonic drinks, sport nutrition. Large fruit or berries towering over the mountain Arkhyz symbolize the sunrise and the beginning of the day – the time that is perfect for doing sports and making plans for the day to manage everything.
The logo of the brand “Arkhyz. Legend of the mountains” has been adapted for the target audience. The new writing has given the logo a modern and dynamic touch.