A line of healthy products “Food Revolution”


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Творческий директор: Надежда Паршина, Дизайнеры: Марина Малыгина, Юлия Плотникова, Алексей Глушак, Копирайтер: Светлана Чугунова


To develop strategy and packaging for the company Food Revolution, dedicated to healthy food.

Speedy urban rhythm turns the choice of the right food for the family into a real quest – and makes the raw food diet practically impossible. The Food Revolution company has set a remarkable goal – to make healthy eating easy for the whole family. What a joy for a parent to realize that children are not just eating healthy food but eating it with pleasure! Especially if you don’t have to waste time on making delicious snacks – the time you could use to have fun, read books or play football.

Ohmybrand suggested Food Revolution a strategy focused on responsible parents who care about healthy eating. Serious approach to the choice of ingredients and the technological process is important for this target audience, as well as making the product attractive for the most important members of the family.

This philosophy has been reflected in the packaging where aesthetical, clear typography blends with naive drawings that convey care and attention.