Packaging for the Gynura herbal tea


Gynura grupp



Gynura procumbens is a rare and exquisite plant that is grown in Greece. It has a wonderful taste and healing qualities. The task was to develop a packaging for herbal tea which would emphasize the singularity and the status of this drink.


One of the legends about this plant has it that the bird of happiness was flying over the ground and dropped a feather which fell to the ground, sprouted and turned into the plant Gynura. The decision to use this legend helped to separate from competitors who only talk about the healing qualities. To catch a feather of a bluebird means to be happy, and good health is one of the components of happiness. Gynura tea is not only a good thing for health, but also an aesthetic pleasure. Post-printing technologies give the packaging a pleasant tactile sensation and connect feathers of a bluebird and Gynura leaves by creating an association between them. It is a great discovery for a person with good taste – to enjoy not only the drink, but also the appearance of the product.
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