ProFilm superheroes


Creative director Nadie Parshina Brand-strategist Eugenia Butyrina Designer Vlad Mikhailov





The company ProFilm makes video content and is probably known to everyone who is somehow connected with the world of advertising. For almost 20 years of existence the company has acquired loyal customers both in Russia and abroad. It is a super-professional team that has many awards and a lot of experience. However, the existing corporate identity of the company was impersonal and looked very typical for this category.


The rebranding is due to a change in the company’s strategy and format of work – the approach has changed, a school for young producers and a short film festival for young directors have been launched on the basis of the studio. Ohmybrand had a task to develop a visual brand identification that would reflect the new positioning of ProFilm.


A team of super-producers that is ready to solve any problem of the client, even if they have to turn the Earth upside down for that.


Of course, codes referring to filmmaking help to form the correct associations in the customers’ minds. However, ProFilm is much more than just a studio creating commercials, so we said no to the “cinematic” codes. We also gave up the descriptor “studio”, as the company has a completely different approach to work: not staff members, but a platform with the involvement of the best specialists for a particular task.
The corporate identity is used for the accessories that a modern superhero needs – comfortable clothes and a car for a spectacular appearance. 🙂 When this minibus arrives and our “men in black” come out, every customer is sure – everything will be done at the highest level, just keep rolling.
The black color symbolizes a cinema hall and a ray of light that draws a new world. A world that exists thanks to superheroes.