Change for the Better

Branding that changes life for the better – that is what Ohmybrand is all about.

Principles of our work:

Our advantage is the synergy of expertise: analytics, strategy and art direction.
Working on the model of collaboration of an independent agency with the best specialists in the market, we make the most of the knowledge and experience of each member of the working team, achieving effective results.

Deep immersion and non-standard tools provide a fresh perspective on every task.
The foundation of our work is empathy. We can listen. In order for the solution to suit both us and our future customers who will buy the product, we carefully examine the context, study different points of view and synchronize the opinions of the product target audience and the opinion of the brand creator.

We delve into the subtleties and respect your story. It is important for us to find the most accurate messages and images that will help people distinguish your honest product from a marketing "bubble".

We track global trends in branding, adapting best practices. We participate in all major branding and food events, sharing our experience.
It is important to us that the products we develop are healthy in the broadest sense: responsible, valuable and good for people.

We provide in-depth expertise and attract relevant specialists:
* Nutritionists help to choose the right target audience and product niche for a new product.
* Technologists analyze the ingredients and, if necessary, refine the formula so that the product fits into a vegan, gluten-free or other category and stands out from the competition.
* Certification experts advise on obtaining an eco-label.
* Specialists in building distribution "from scratch" evaluate the potential of a healthy food brand and promote access to retail.
* Product promotion specialists calculate how to properly talk about the brand in order to be heard.



We work with companies that operate on a responsible business model and bring healthy value to society.

Integrated Approach

We approach problem solving in a complex way: beautiful packaging alone can not solve a business problem.


We are for an evidence-based approach to branding – it is important in the niche of healthy products, where gold standards have not yet been developed.

Deep Expertise

We provide in-depth expertise and attract relevant specialists.

Ready for the change?