Redesigning the line of dairy products “Iz Sychiovki”



To develop for a line of dairy products a new design and a slogan, emphasizing the high quality and the naturalness of this milk while keeping the original color range and composition.

As the workers of the plant treat the milk production very respectfully and there is a truly family climate at the plant, the focus while designing the package was on the careful attitude to the product and to the people for whom milk, kefir and cottage cheese “Iz Sychiovki” are made.

The package depicts real workers of the milk plant alone or with their children, together with the main pride of the plant – cows of the Sychiovsky dairy breed that produce this natural and delicious milk. Green fields, blue sky, happy people – all this shows the environment where this ecologically pure product is made with such love and care. The new slogan developed for this line emphasizes the same idea.






Client: Sychiovskoe moloko

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