Yachts and sea: Antonenko wine

We have developed a design for a line of wines from the Roman Antonenko family winery, where each bottle is like a souvenir or a postcard from the Black Sea coast.



For the guests of a popular seaside town Anapa the family winery of Roman Antonenko is a perfect place to get to know the nuances of the production of real wine. First, the young owners meet guests themselves and give them a tour, and secondly, it is located inside the city and is easily accessible. It produces excellent wine varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc at the level of quality European wines, and guests of the winery buy it with great pleasure.

Having analyzed the competitors, the environment, the target audience and tasted the wine, our team realized that it is important for buyers to bring home not just wine from vacation, but wine which is a memory, a souvenir from the Black Sea.


The chosen design concept is based on concise illustrations associated with holidays on the Black Sea. “Yachts and motorboats, dolphins and seagulls – you look at the labels and immediately start singing in your head some romantic song about a vacation, for example, the song of Valentin Strykalo “A yacht, a sail and just the two of us in the whole world”, says Anna Rufova, the art director of the project.

The color palette chosen for the labels is designed to reflect the richness, tartness and depth of flavors that are characteristic for most wines of this family winery. And the use of such a post-printing effect as three-dimensional varnish (to highlight the winery’s logo and some elements of the illustrations) emphasizes the attention of the winemakers to detail.

Customers can already order Roman Antonenko wines in the Ohmybrand design on the website of the winery or buy them in the company store in Anapa — for themselves, as a souvenir from a wonderful vacation in the Krasnodar Region or as a gift to their loved ones. The first buyers point out that the label design has played an important role in their purchase decision. In the near future Roman Antonenko winery is planning to distribute their wines through local wine networks.