• Favorite projects

  • Aquanika fizzi-drinks drinks packaging LesDelikates wild sauces sauce packaging Antonenko family winery wine packaging VkusVill ready to eat packaging ready to eat packaging Herbarus tea line canned fish Vegmart vegetarian market identity Vegmart Sea alphabet canned fish brand canned fish Green line healthy private label green line Alloga Biocare cosmetics packaging alloga cosmetics GreenWise plant-based meat branding greenwise Sputnik water packaging упаковка воды RoliPoli raw bar line упаковка батончиков Giaretti kitchen accessories identity упаковка кухонных аксессуаров Giaretti kitchen accessories rebranding упаковка кухонных аксессуаров Arkhyz. Sport water packaging. limited edition упаковка чая Teapins. Traveler tea redesign упаковка чая Vyazanka sausage products redesign meat packaging Herbarus tea packaging упаковка чая Granolife granola brand упаковка чая Teapins. Farmers tea redesign упаковка чая Food Revolution vegan cheese packaging веганский сыр Pust budet tea localisation for russian market подарочный чай LafargeHolcim dry building mixes restyling lafargeholcim materials Konoplyanka oils line branding упаковка масла «Steakwine» wine with steak разработка этикетки вина Ryazanochka flour line redesign разработка упаковки муки Shildis Mtebi georgian wine brand дизайн грузинского вина Berezka Lab Russian cosmetics brand разработка косметики Moje leto fresh vegetables brand разработка упаковки овощей ArcticWater ice water packagingупаковка ледниковой воды

    «Osstro» identity for PR Agencyразработка айдентики PR-агентства
    Food Revolution branding of line of healthy productsразработка упаковки хлебцев
    Dobroflot gift packagingдизайн подарочной упаковки
    TrueGlove new gloves with tattoes brandingдизайн упаковки
    Dobroflot canned fish branding
    Banka marmalade line redesign
    Dobroflot visual system
    TrueGlove gloves with tattoes branding

  • Clients: Dobroflot, PRODO Group, X5. Retail Group, Simple, Agro-invest, PlasticRepublic, Food Revolution, Lafarge Holcim, Granolife, ABI Product


    We help to create brands that are globally competitive and are happy to work with people who are changing the market and inspired by their business.