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Completed projects

Free of clutter: lactose-free yogurt Free

BrandingDairyHealthy foodPackage

The sun puddle sanctuary: Ray Foundation

BrandingCorporate identityPackageStrategy

As green as grass: Green Line

BrandingCorporate identityGroceryHealthy foodPackagePrivate label

Wellbee: busy as bees

BrandingHealthy foodIndustrial designPackage

Naturally bright: SPAR Natural

BrandingGroceryHealthy foodPackagePrivate label

A field of opportunities: Amarion

B2BBrandingCorporate identityGroceryHealthy foodNamingPackageStrategy

Fresh Idea: Rebranding of Fish&More

BrandingFish/MeatHealthy foodPackageStrategy

Dobroflot: made at sea


Clients review

We at Neva-Opt would like to express our gratitude to the Ohmybrand agency for their rebranding of Fish&Моге. Ohmybrand employs only deeply professional people, who are always ready to answer any question, consult and give useful recommendations. The rebranding project has been going on for a long time during which the agency developed for us strategy of the Fish&More brand, architecture of our brand, system for the packaging designs from idea to the ready for print layouts, brand’s identity, brandbook,, retail-slideshow and a video. As a result of this rebranding we noted the growth in sails. In the future we plan to further work with Ohmybrand and recommend their services to our partners.

We addressed Ohmybrand in 2022 with a task to create a recognizable and modern identity for the Wellbee brand that references propolis. Our main requirement was for this brand to be memorable, recognizable and eye-catching, especially during scrolling of marketplace feed. The main idea was to give propolis a modern image and to separate the brand from all the standard propolis beauty products flooding the market. In the end we got a recognizable monochrome design that was well-received by our customers. We believe that a good balance was found that allows to easily understand all intended associations. In our collaboration with Ohmybrand we loved the combination of lightness, quality of work and the desire to do something special for Wellbee.

I will not praise but recommend to those, who need a truly adult and sensible design, who need attention to details and responsible approach to solving problems, who need assurance, dare I say it, in the future of their brand. Добро пожаловать! Not to mention, that Nadezhda is a very down-to-earth, sensitive and attentive person. Also, there always is good tea at their studio :-). A lot of time has passed since our first meeting, a lot of realized projects with more to come, I am sure of it. I wish you a long creative journey and clients as pleasant as us 🙂

I would like to express my gratitude to Nadezhda and the whole Ohmybrand agency for thoughtful, creative and extremely delicate handling of the task that we gave. At the very core of the created brand strategy we noticed their extremely professional approach and huge creative potential of the agency. When we contacted them, they suggested several solutions to the given problem, all of which corresponded with our needs, and the only thing we had to do was choose a solution that is the closest in spirit to our goals and values. Huge thank you for your work!. The new line of herbal teas wont go unnoticed on the product shelves! We certainly will work with you again!

We introduced a new brand – a product from the Siberian wildlife, sauces made of berries and herbs. The issue we discovered was that customers don’t understand the concept of berry sauces. This is the problem we presented to Ohmybrand with a task to demonstrate the authenticity of the product all the while highlighting the brand and demonstrating its contemporariness.

We have to note not only the professionalism of Ohmybrand and clear adherence to deadlines, but also sincere interest in further development of the brand. What is especially valuable, is that Ohmybrand are able to hear the client while, when needed, being strict with their vision. This turned out to be crucial for the development of the concept of LasDelicates as a whole.

Thank you for fruitful work! We would love to call you not just partners, but friends, as we remain in contact ever since, even though a long time had passed.

It is almost impossible to convey, to disclose the essence of «fourth dimension» as some other space of relations, where openness, readiness to understand and solve «client’s pain» with the help of forms and colors, and I sincerely thank Ohmybrand agency for bravery and their desire to accomplish this task, which i believe they did. It isn’t even a project, it is a meta-process in which we invite other market participants. Believe us that openness and honesty are a platform for success!