Looking Great on the Festive Table – Aqualine

Aqualine brand of fizzy drinks based on mountain spring water from Nizhny Arkhyz and on natural syrups. These bottles will perfectly fit into the composition of any festive table.



As part of the expansion of the product portfolio, Aqualine decided to enter the category of soft carbonated drinks. The company has banked on 100% naturalness and original recipe of the product. The work on it lasted a year and a half, and more than 200 tasters took part in it. The result is a line of delicious fizzy drinks based on mountain spring water extracted in the village of Nizhny Arkhyz and on natural syrups made by the company itself.

For brand development and packaging design the company turned to Ohmybrand (by the way, this project marked the beginning of a successful long-term cooperation between the companies, later we worked together on the sports line of the brand “Arkhyz” and the redesign of AquaGracio water).


Working on the design concept for Aqualine, the Ohmybrand team thought primarily about the situations when people drink lemonades or fizzy drinks — celebrations with family and friends as well as corporate ones. In addition, consumers order fizzy drinks in cafes, and the buyers of the cafes are interested in unusual soft drinks to expand the menu and to dissociate from competitors. “In all these situations, the focus of our potential customers’ attention is on the guests they have invited to their party or banquet. Drinks are bought with thoughts about how they will look on the festive table and whether the guests will like them, ” says Nadezhda Parshina, the creative director of Ohmybrand.

Visual idea

“Aqualine” answers these questions right on the label: “When guests gather, we are happy to offer them the classic recipe of soft drinks and the purity of mountain water – so that communication lasts forever, like a mountain spring.” Thus, our brand, like many competitors, plays on the territory of traditions but offers to look at it from a new angle. The glass bottle and the screw cap, which makes a distinctive sound when opened, support this narrative.
The visual system that was created for Aqualine by Ohmybrand is recognizable and flexible, easily adaptable to new tastes. The design is built around images of fruits, berries and herbs that our drinks are made of. Images are made in a botanical style and they act as a kind of frame for texts on the label. The ingredients are arranged in the order of taste disclosure, from the main to additional, which reveal themselves in the delicate aroma and in the aftertaste. This way we attract the attention of consumers with a promise of familiar tastes, and when the bottle is in their hands, we give them the opportunity to see unusual additions and… make a choice in favor of something fresh, new, non-standard (but at the same time within the clear framework of usual fizzy drinks). A tag with the company name resembles a stamp or even a sealing wax seal. It acts as a guarantee of quality and is designed to convince consumers that they have made the right choice.


For several years now, Aqualine fizzy drinks in our design are sold all over Russia, and the line is expanding with new tastes. During this time, the Aqualine brand has gained a lot of loyal consumers who appreciated both the appearance of the bottles and the unusual taste of the drinks.