Berezka Lab – cosmetics with Russian roots

Development of a cosmetics brand with a reference to Russian roots


BerezkaLab has developed premium skin care cosmetics based on high-quality natural oils. Our task was to emphasize the quality and Russian origin of the brand.

Berezka Lab is a unique product on the Russian cosmetics market. Simple and natural ingredients and honest recipes create an understandable product with excellent action, because Berezka Lab knows the peculiarities of the Russian climate and will help to preserve the skin beauty not only in the harsh Russian winter, but also during the hot summer.

The typography on the tubes looks unmistakably like patterns on the birch bark.

The minimalist packaging creates an elegant framing and does not distract attention from the product itself.

Modesty and refinement of the design solution allows the cosmetics Berezka Lab to look wonderful in any home and makes it a great gift for people with taste.

We have developed a BerezkaLab gift set, with a typographic composition in the shape of a birch tree cut.