Another fruit: Rodniki Kavkaza lemonade

We have updated Rodniki Kavkaza line of lemonades. There is nothing superfluous on the labels, as well as in the composition of the drinks themselves: only fruits, berries and the promise of coolness on the hottest day.



To detach from competitors, improve visibility on store shelves, emphasize bright taste, freshness, naturalness and world-famous Caucasian generosity — these were the tasks the Ohmybrand team faced at the start of the Kavkaza Springs redesign project.

“We have abandoned the desire to emphasize the naturalness of the product with the help of design with all our might and, thus, left the territory in which most manufacturers play,” says Yevgenia Butyrina, Marketing Director of Aquanika. “In today’s information field full of anxiety, stress and aggression, we considered it more important for ourselves to remind our consumers that we live in a wonderful world under the sun, and it is not at all necessary to fight for something 24/7”.

The visual solution “Generous South” is inspired by Caucasian painting, full of light and bright colors. It is minimalist in form and at the same time multi-layered in meaning. There is only one fruit on the label. But in it you can see the hot southern sun, the life-giving coolness, the abundance of nature, and the world-famous Caucasian generosity and hospitality. And even the color of a real market, where you seem to be invited from all sides: “Ripe pear, juicy lemon, sweet raspberries, fragrant strawberries! Just try it!”

“Ripe pear, juicy lemon, sweet raspberries, fragrant strawberries!
Just try it!”