From chef to chef : strategy and packaging for the Millgri brand

A new brand of quality ingredients for cafes and restaurants and service for implementation and marketing support for cafes and restaurants

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Soyuzsnab company produces ingredients for food manufacturing as well as recipes and solutions for their implementation. This is the biggest player in the Russian food market that has existed for more than 30 years. 


The company already made an attempt at conquering the HoReCa market with their “SOYUZSNAB Horeca” subbrand about 10 years ago. Ohmybrand agency developed design for the HoReCa brand. However at that moment the company decided to focus solely on big wholesalers, therefore only industrial packaging has been used without any branding.

Soyuzsnab once again turned to Ohmybrand and commissioned them to develop the project wholly from strategy to the packaging design.

At the end of 2021 a new marketing team made a decision to reboot the HoReCa branch and launch a new independent brand on the B2B markets. It was planned to release more than 200 products in 17 categories under this brand. Objective of the company is to increase profits of the direction by attracting new partners and clients, distributors from HoReCa and wholesale customers such as pizza restaurant chains, popular junk food businesses, big restaurants and bakeries.

What we’ve done

Firstly, Ohmybrand analyzed potential drivers and barriers to future collaborations with new partners. The agency’s strategist identified a gap in communication with the main clients of the company — restaurant chefs. HoReCa – is a rather specific segment. Technologists and developers in Soyuzsnab are high-level professionals and used to talking in the language of big food manufacturing facilities, therefore not always able to understand requests of brand-chefs and restaurant chefs. Turns out, that new brand would need “interpreters” — chefs from the production company who would create receipts using ingredients of the new brand and help company technicians to find common footing with restaurant cooks, and, at the same time, help chefs to cook high-quality old and new dishes fast. 

Target Audience.
TA of the new brand is cafés and restaurants of middle and high price segment, independent or chain. At the same time, inside its TA brand communicates mainly with brand-chefs as they are the ones making the main decisions regarding the choice of products and ingredients. Because of this, a specialized team of independent chefs was created on the side of Soyuzsnab to provide consultations for restaurants and cafés, explain the best ways of optimizing the work process with the aid of a new brand, help to create new dishes and perfecting the classic ones.

Brand platform.
The main creed we chose was “meet the challenges together”, which made us see the new brand not as  product-based but as service-based, like an assistant brand. This found its way into the verbal and visual aspects of this new brand.

Ohmybrand came up with a name for the brand — Millgri. The new word was born by connecting the words “million” and “ingredient”. It is a bubbly, lively word that is unique, charismatic even and at the same time conveys the feeling of speed and energy. 

Ohmybrand created a contemporary visual identity with consideration to different lines and between products inside those lines.

We designed lines from middle and high price segments, forming Millgri and Millgri Plus respectively. These lines are designed in the same style but can be  easily distinguished.
Packaging turned out unlike its competitors because of its minimalistic design and modern color scheme. Naming, purpose of the product and application are easily readable. 

There were developed small and big forms of packaging. Small ones are compact, convenient and can be hermetically sealed.  Package design was first and foremost developed with the idea of functionality in mind, because chefs have to be able to easily navigate in the variety of similar bags and jars. 

We can especially highlight the syrup packaging design which is, on one hand, as minimalistic and readable as the rest for the above-mentioned reasons. On the other hand, syrups are frequently visible to customers and that had to be accounted for as well.

The main creed we chose was “meet the challenges together”, which made us see the new brand not as  product-based but as service-based, like an assistant brand. This found its way into the verbal and visual aspects of this new brand.