All the way to the outskirts: the sausage brand you want to trust


Creative director Nadie Parshinа Designer Kate Mushkina Creative director Nadie Parshinа Designer Kate MushkinaCreative director Nadie Parshinа Designer Kate Mushkina Creative director Nadie Parshinа Designer Kate Mushkina
Okraina OkrainaOkraina Okraina


The Ohmybrand studio has redesigned the Okraina meat and sausage product line at the Bogorodsk Meat Processing Plant. The updated packaging reflects the positioning of the product with an emphasis on natural composition and manufacturability.


Okraina is a brand that has long been familiar to consumers from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Murmansk and has managed to win their loyalty with consistently high quality products. It is achieved, on the one hand, thanks to the use of only natural raw materials, on the other hand, due to the most modern production technologies and quality control tools – both international (HACCP system) and our own (PIC code system). Okraina’s marketers set the Ohmybrand designers the task of delicately updating the product packaging. It had to be brought in line with the positioning of Okraina and a whole range of problems had to be solved. The previous design was too laconic for the category, the brand was “lost” on a sterile-empty label, and due to this, the products were perceived on a par with the private label, there was no differentiation within the line.


The Ohmybrand team has developed a new packaging concept for Okraina. Within the framework of the project, the logo was updated and the logoblock was worked out: the brand name is much easier to read, and the location on the tie, regardless of the label format, makes it more noticeable and recognizable. The slogan “Closer to the present!”, Which reflects the brand’s philosophy, has become an integral part of the corporate block. And the graphics of the logo have lost the “volume effect” and have become more modern. The designers worked out a simple and understandable system of font and color differentiation of products of different categories, thought out a logical scheme for placing all the necessary text blocks on the label. In addition, a set of pictograms was created to schematically indicate the ingredients that make up a particular product. “About such projects as the redesign of Okraina, we can say with confidence that the jewelry work has been carried out: we have preserved the recognizable design elements to the maximum, and at the same time we have ensured that the packaging began to make a completely different impression and really reflects the brand positioning. Some of Okraina’s loyal customers will probably not even notice the changes, but they will attract the attention of new consumers who previously simply did not notice this brand on the store shelf, ”says Ohmybrand creative director Nadezhda Parshina. Packaging guidelines are reflected in a detailed guideline to ensure that packaging design remains consistent when new SKUs are introduced to the market. This is especially important, considering that 270 assortment items in 12 categories are produced under the Okraina brand – from sausages and sausages to frozen semi-finished products and barbecue.


“As a result of the redesign, Okraina’s products have definitely become more noticeable on store shelves, they look like a single light green block,” says Valeria Zakharova, head of the marketing department of MPZ Bogorodsky, sharing the results of the project. “In addition, we have successfully adapted the new design for our own online store: a detailed guide from Ohmybrand has greatly simplified this task. We also revised advertising materials in retail outlets: the reviews indicate that here, too, everyone can see changes for the better. “