Leather color: identity of Purpur outerwear brand

We redesigned the identity of an outerwear brand famous for its leather jackets.

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About the project

Purpur is a Moscow premium brand that produces items made of genuine leather and sheepskin. The brand was created in 2014 and within nearly 10 years of operation it has expanded significantly. First, they specialized in making just oversize biker-style jackets that became Purpur’s hallmark, then they started releasing complete wardrobes. The scope of the company’s interests has also changed as now it intends to enter the international market. Sophisticated women residing in cities as well ascelebrities wear garments produced by Purpur.

In 2023, Purpur’s founders requested Ohmybrand to rebrand their company and develop the guidelines for brand communication with their audience.


Ohmybrand agency had to think over a clear positioning of the brand and help them set apart from their competitors to a more premium segment.

What exactly we did

We redesigned the logo, i.e. we updated the fonts and added a sign to the brand. Now the logo can be used in numerous variations: either as a full version or as just a sign.

Also, we developed a system showing how the logo changes according to a particular clothing line.

While picking the color palette, we were inspired by the modern urban landscape and leather textures.

Silver gray, graphite dark, leather cognac and warm sand were chosen as primary colors, whereas ivory serves as a background, which enhances the impression of elegance.

This color combines well with the textures of leather keeping them soft and luxurious.

We designed a corporate identity bearing in mind all stages of every customer touchpoint with the brand

We worked out the design of sew-in tags, neck jacquard and paper hang tags, sew-in eyelets, and buttons, as well as garment cover, paper bags, boxes, envelopes for checks, home care instructions for the brand’s items.

In addition, we developed the design of the brand’s social network, i.e. a color palette, attributes of social media, the sequence of posts, sets of images in a variety of genres and scales; besides, we drew up brand’s guidelines for some types of posts as an example and created grid templates for various posts as well.

We worked out the themes and directions for social network communication. Some posts are devoted to lifestyle, whereas others are the pictures and descriptions of the production process and backstage. Likewise, we enriched the social media concept with the atmosphere of elitism, prestige, private parties, stylish images, ‒ all that can inspire the brand’s customers. Tentatively, we called the concept “The Private Club”.

As a part of the rebranding process, we developed a visual concept for the website.

The new website becomes a combination of elegant typographic solutions, sophisticated color schemes and an intuitively clear interface.

Our aim was to turn every page of the site into a platform for the brand’s style articulation, which could attract customers’ attention and create a unique user experience.


The rebranding of Purpur was launched at the end of 2023; now its identity is used everywhere including the flagship instore design. We are proud of the outcome of our work; also, we are convinced that the new style will help Purpur promote the brand, attract new customers as well as strengthen the connection with the current audience.




Creative director – Nadie Parshina

Art-director – Alexandra Pershina
Designer – Kate Vorobieva

Motion – Ilya Orlov, Alya Zaripova