I wish you some good tea!

Localization of a gift set of teas: name and new packaging design

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Localize gift tea for the Russian market.


We, together with the Teapins company, localized the popular gift tea “I wish you” for the Russian market.
In addition to developing the name, it was necessary to adapt the design to the Russian market and change the packaging design. The main task that the agency faced was to create a modern, universal tea gift that you can happily take to a party or give separately. “Let it be” is a tea game: you can choose wishes according to your taste, and just brew tea every morning it will be more fun. 10 types of tea and 10 words that can be mixed to your taste, creating a unique wish. In the international version you can wish good sex, career and ideas, and in the Russian version – love and harmony, in accordance with the peculiarities of the mentality of the Russian audience.

The structural design of the packaging also underwent changes: one of the goals was to make the new product more compact than its European version, thereby making it more convenient for placement on a supermarket shelf.

In general, gift tea in Europe and gift tea in Russia are different products, different emotionally and visually. “Let it be” carefully included the Russians’ love for tea drinking and the warm, kind emotions of wishes that often accompany it.