I wish you some good tea!


Креативный директор Надежда Паршина Дизайнер Анна Бурлакина



To localize gift tea “I wish you” for the Russian market.



The branding agency Ohmybrand together with the company Teapins has carried out the localization of the popular gift tea “I wish you” for the Russian market.
In addition to the development of the name, it was necessary to adapt the design to the Russian market and to change the construction of the package. The main task of the agency was to create a modern universal gift tea that you would gladly grab when you go to a friend’s place or want to choose a gift.
«Pust’ budet» (the localized name for the brand «I wish you») is a tea and a game at the same time: you can tailor wishes to your liking, and even the simple morning tea brewing will be more fun. There are ten kinds of tea and ten words that you can mix as you like, creating a unique wish. In the international version you can wish somebody good sex, great career and ideas, and in the Russian version – love and harmony, in accordance with the mentality of the Russian audience. The construction of the packaging has also undergone changes – one of the goals was to make the new product more compact than its European version, thus more convenient to place on a shelf of a supermarket.
In general, the gift tea in Europe and the gift tea in Russia are different products, different emotionally and visually. «Pust’ budet» has carefully assimilated the Russian love for tea drinking and the warm, gentle emotions of the wishes that often accompany it.