Parks of Kakheti in the «Shildis Mtebi» wines

Development of premium wine from Kakheti, an ecologically clean region of Georgia



The Simple Wine company has vineyards in Kakheti, near the village of Shildis Mtebi. We needed to develop a brand of premium Georgian wine, highlighting the origin and environmental friendliness of the region.


We decided to present Shildis Mtebi wine as an opportunity to travel to Kakheti, a unique region of Georgia from a natural point of view. There is a natural reserve in which unique and rare animals and birds live. Shildis Mtebi wine labels introduce buyers to the amazing nature of the Caucasus, tell about the animals of Kakheti, and invite them to “walk” through the forests and valleys around Mount Shilda, where the Shildis Mtebi vineyards are located.