A field of opportunities: Amarion

Development of an umbrella brand for an agricultural holding specializing in amaranth

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The journey of amaranth to our country deserves its own tale. It was brought to the USSR for the first time in 1986 from Cuba. Two years later Lidya Miroshnichenko, being the future founder of Russian Olive enterprise, joined by a group of scientists was studying amino acid profile, running experiments and breeding varieties adapted for russian weather conditions. Soon the new amaranth product was born — oil extract with an extremely high for a plant concentration of squalene. In 2005 Lidya Miroshnichenko formed a company Russian Olive which for the time being is responsible for two new varieties of amaranth and a patented technology for processing. In 2021 a new group of companies was created on the premises of Russian Olive enterprise, later called AMARION.  

Russian Olive addressed our agency with a dual task: to develop an umbrella brand for the whole research and production company, that will become home for multiple product brands company- and regular customer-oriented, and then develop brands for different types of products. 


Create an international brand for operation in Russia, CIS states, Europe and Asia 

The brand has to have a connection to amaranth 

The brand has to give to the common an impression  consumers that amaranth is the new mean of caring for your health and longevity, and inform the businesses about the new opportunities for implementation of this product 

The brand has to communicate the idea that the production is expert and top-grade all the way through 

We developed the brand platform with the inclusion of the all necessary components: architecture, attributes and the pyramid.

We developed a name for the corporate brand. Amarion is a neologism which characterizes the company as big, modern, global and technologically advanced. 

At the basis of the identity concept for Amarion brand we laid a portal symbol, signifying an entry to the world of new products and, therefore, new business possibilities. 

We used laconic readable circles to convey reliance, expertise, bravery and inspiration of this brand. 

Each of Amarion’s activities – B2B products, research, amaranth products and amaranth cultivation – received its own name: pro, lab, prod and agro, respectively.