Fresh Idea: Rebranding of Fish&More

Defa Group, one of the largest importers of fish and seafood in the Russian Federation, has rebranded Fish&More together with the agency Ohmybrand.

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The Ohmybrand team has developed new brand positioning, packaging design, architecture and product line names as well as the principles of brand communication in various channels. The business objective of the project was to create a strong brand to replace the disparate lines that were lost among competitors. At the communication level, the goal was to help consumers choose and prepare freshly-frozen fish and seafood — and, consequently, to help them have a healthy diet.

The Fish&More brand platform is based on freedom in all its manifestations — the research stage showed that this is an important value for the core of our target audience. Fish&More is a brand for those who appreciate freedom in everything, including cooking: cook yourself or buy ready-made dishes, try new things or stay true to your usual recipes. The main principles of brand communication are freshness, originality and communication with the consumer on an equal footing, in a simple and understandable colloquial language.

The updated Fish&More packaging fully complies with these principles. The design is concise and not overloaded with elements, it has memorable details and accents (ampersand that looks like a hook in the logo, corporate patterns that resemble natural textures, illustrations) and the color that is associated with freshness and the sea. At the level of texts there are clearly formulated answers to the problems of the consumer. All this creates a friendly yet expert image of Fish&More.

At the text level, there are clearly formulated answers to consumer problems, clear instructions and icons.

We managed to create a friendly and at the same time expert image of Fish&More. 

“For the consumer the category of frozen fish and seafood has always been associated with the difficulties of choice. Approaching the refrigerator with fish in the supermarket required a certain attitude and willingness to understand what was what. I am glad that together with Fish&More we help to change the situation and turn friendly, “human” design into the norm for this category,” says Nadezhda Parshina, Creative Director of Ohmybrand.