Karma Police: Vegan “Kaban Vegan”

We have developed a line of semi-finished products “Boar Vegan”, playfully playing with the theme of vegetarianism.

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The branding agency Ohmybrand has developed a line of convenience foods “Kaban Vegan” representing the theme of vegetarianism in a bright and cheerful way.

The task for the project was to prepare a line of vegetarian dishes “Kaban Vegan” for retail and to develop a logo and packaging design that would help the brand stand out among competitors. 


“While solving this problem, the Ohmybrand team took into account the current cautious attitude towards vegetarian cuisine in our society. It is by default perceived as special, not suitable for everyone. For example, if a vegetarian man is going to watch football with non-vegetarian friends, it is difficult for him to find suitable foods. We tried to change this perception, to show that vegetarian dishes are fun, cool, simple, healthy and most importantly – delicious.”

The concept that our agency has proposed cheerfully plays with the theme of vegetarianism. The title character — the “enlightened” boar (“kaban” means “boar” in Russian) – hovers above the ground and glows with happiness because he does not eat anything harmful.

The texts on the packaging support the playful tone of communication. Consumers are informed that the “Kaban Vegan” dishes have passed the test of the karma police because “no animals were harmed in the process of creating the dish”. The packaging suggests enjoying the dishes while watching your favorite TV series.

“Kaban Vegan” products — fish-flavored sea sticks, meat-flavored green dumplings, chicken-flavored schnitzels – are about to hit the shelves.