Dry building mixes LafargeHolcim



LafargeHolcim is an international holding, a leader in the production of cement and building mixtures. The high quality and stability of the products was appreciated by buyers in many countries, including Russia.

We were faced with the task of modernizing the packaging of dry building mixtures and distinguishing ourselves from sellers of counterfeit, low-quality building materials who copied the customer’s style.

The new package is made in accordance with the international standards of the group LafargeHolcim. Packaging has become more clear, easy to spot on the shelf and appropriate for a high quality product. Despite the strict requirements of the brand book, we managed to create a bright and professional design.

We have removed all unnecessary information, leaving only the most important and making it easier for customers to understand. Now the packaging of LafargeHolcim is in harmony with the product itself – which is the most professional and high quality on the market.