Discreet Charm of Nature: New Line of Nuts and Dried Fruit “Mix Bar” from X5 Retail Group


Creative director: Nadie Parshina, Design: Ann Burlakina


Mix Bar Premium is a new line of nuts and dried fruit in the Mix Bar brand of the Pyaterochka retail chain. The packaging developed by Ohmybrand shows how our favorite nuts and fruits look in nature.



As a major retailer, X5 Retail Group strives to continuously increase the share of their own brands in the portfolio, including the brands in the Pyaterochka supermarket chain. As part of this business goal, X5 Retail Group decided to launch a new line of nuts and dried fruit in the premium segment under the brand Mix Bar.

The company addressed Ohmybrand for a packaging design of the new line that would visually distinguish it from the competitors as well as from the other Mix Bar lines, “Party” and “Nature”. Moreover, the new line had to be perceived as premium and also help differentiate the products by category.



The target audience of the new line is quite wide and diverse – in fact, it includes all the shoppers in Pyaterochka for whom it is important to buy a product that is natural and good for health. The packaging design developed by the Ohmybrand team helps to unmistakably recognize these qualities in Mix Bar Premium products.

The basis of a fairly minimalistic label is an image of tree branches on which the corresponding nuts and fruits grow. However, the illustrations are not full of colors typical for the southern nature but discreet and monochromatic. They unobtrusively, as if in passing, remind you of the origin of products. The logo supports the idea – its letters also seem to sprout leaves and twigs.

The fill color helps to differentiate products by category — green is for nuts, brownish orange is for dried fruit, blue is for cocktails. Carefully selected shades of colors that look noble and at the same time warm create a sense of craftwork and help to distinguish the product from competitors as well. The use of such techniques as metallization and embossing completes the image of a premium product.