Sportlogo: ProteinRex

We worked on a brand of healthy snacks, developed positioning and design

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For several years, the Royalcake company has been producing products for a healthy lifestyle – protein bars, brownies, lamingtons, flapjacks, crispbreads and other items under the single brand ProteinRex. The company’s plans included further expansion; the Ohmybrand agency was required to update the brand, highlight key audiences and emotions that are characteristic of it, and develop the nature of the brand’s communications with the audience. We decided to start with protein-cereal bread.

First of all, we carefully studied the market and how the brand was previously presented on it. We systematized all the information, identified the main points that can be used for promotion, but also took into account those factors that hindered development.
Then we identified two main target audiences for the brand – the so-called “hedonists” and “independents”. The core of the audience was consumers at the intersection of these two segments. We called them “heroes”, and in further work we focused on such people.

We updated and simplified the logo so that the products were noticeable and recognizable on the shelf among many other products in this niche, even from afar. The work on the visual part of the brand was based on a new positioning.

We developed the Tone-of-Voice of the brand: communication begins as soon as the buyer sees the bread on the shelf. Motivating slogans are an important part of positioning; they support the buyer and tell him that food can be not only tasty and healthy, but also inspiring to new achievements. On ProteinRex packaging, the slogans change depending on the taste of the bread.