Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: Shuyskie Sitci

Rebranding of a legendary bed linen brand from Ivanovo region, work on line architecture.

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While we were working on the textile brand “Shuyskie Sitci” («the calico textiles from the town of Shuya»), we were not up to sleep. The task was not only to develop the packaging design, but also to give names to collections of bed linen and home textiles. Our team went to Shuya to learn about the whole process of creating and selling textiles – from fabric production to sales on the shelves of chain stores. Getting to know the engravers, spinners and other workshop craftsmen later helped us form the basis of the design concept.

The “Shuyskie Sitci” company has been on the market for several decades. Now it is managed by Anna Bogadelina, who in 2019 became the best entrepreneur in Russia. Buyers have long known and loved the bed linen produced by the company but they do not always understand the features of a particular collection – what to pay attention to, why the price differs, what each kind of fabric feels like. Besides, textiles also have other important properties: wear resistance, color stability, surface density, number of threads etc. Our task was to find differentiation criteria that will help you quickly make a decision and choose exactly the linen you need.

Having met the clients in Shuya, we proposed a concept called «Craftsmen Street”. “Shuyskie Sitci” unites professionals, and everyone has a special skill. One creates the most wearable fabrics, the other comes up with modern drawings, the third has found a way to produce textiles at a low price. The buyer, after studying all the products, can choose the one he needs. Thus, each line of textile is like a separate workshop, in which attention is focused on one main property of bed linen and other textiles.

Delicately updated the brand logo while maintaining its high recognition.

Developed the idea and names of the lines based on the brand architecture

Brought the design of all the lines to a single visual style.

Introduced a system of clear distinctions among product lines due to pictograms that show the advantages and differences of collections: a variety of fabric ornaments, wear resistance or increased comfort.

A symbol has been developed for each line, a “quality mark” meaning a specialist of a rare profession without whom it would be impossible to make this product line.

Each line of textiles is like a separate workshop, in which attention is focused on one main property of bed linen and other textiles.

Bed linen and textiles from Shuya Sitz are successfully sold with a new design: all lines are designed in the same visual system and format.

It is important to note that we have worked together with the employees of the “Shuyskie Sitci” company. Such quick rebranding would not have been possible without our well-coordinated work. Our colleagues from “Shuyskie Sitci” worked hard on the strategy and assortment of bed linen and textiles, and thanks to their efforts we were able to quickly understand and complete the task.

Bed linen and textiles by “Shuyskie Sitci” are successfully sold with a new design – all the lines are designed in the same visual system and format. The color coding and uniform packaging structure lines up well on the shelves, creating a noticeable and memorable spot. According to surveys, customers have started to get to know the brand better and their loyalty to it has increased.