Sputnik is always with you

Development of a water brand inspired by the first artificial satellite of the Earth

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We were requested by the company “Sputnik” to develop a brand of drinking water with the same brand name “Sputnik”.
At the first stage, the development of the new brand is aimed at retail, but the plans are to enter the HoReCa segment. It was necessary to find the spirit of the brand which would allow to visually separate from competitors and also to emphasize the quality of water – high organoleptic characteristics of the water Sputnik are controlled by a modern lab.


We were immediately inspired by the name that the customer has offered – laconic, deep and romantic.
In the world of infinite possibilities, just like in the outer space, we all need a guiding star to which we aspire and which will always be with us, unique and inimitable.A satellite as a world-famous symbol of progress has determined the technological shape of the bottle. The minimalistic design of the label highlights the purity of the water composition. This idea is supported by a delicate shade of blue that is traditional for this category. The lines on the label repeat the orbit of a satellite rotating around the center of gravity.
The quality of water, emphasized by the unique shape of the bottle, as well as the purity and lightness of the label will stand out on the shelf in the store and in the HoReCa segment.
The flexible visual system has been developing in the new projects of the company, and we will tell about it a little later.

Sputnik water means modern technologies are with you every day: during negotiations and during sports, on the road and at home. Your constant companion.