Tea Teapins redesign. Traveler tea line.

Redesign of the umbrella brand of Vietnamese teas, a line of gift teas from different parts of the world.



Teapins, the leader in the premium tea market of Vietnam, created a collection of farm teas about five years ago. To create this collection, the founders of the company toured through all the tea plantations of Vietnam to choose the best tea farms and teas, from classic to exotic blends. The Teapins company supports the idea that the best tea is where it grows, and offers to buy it directly from local farmers.
Now Teapins is entering new markets and changing the range of teas. The packaging doesn’t meet the increased needs of the company anymore. The company has been developing rapidly, and the number of items has been growing in an uncontrollable way.
The main task is to reposition and refresh the “Traveler” line of the tea brand Teapins.


The Teapins brand is all about the tags of tea places of the world. The main element connecting different lines of the Teapins brand is a “ticket” – the ticket to travel to the corners of the world associated with tea. In the “Farmers” tea line customers travel to tea farms in different countries. In the “Traveler” line they travel to places where tea traditions are strong, to countries and cities where people love tea. It is so nice to bring from a trip some tea connected with memories of the journey – you can brew tea, look at the photos of places where you have been and share stories with friends and family.
Ohmybrand has created the color coding for different types of tea, the hierarchy of text blocks for easier perception of information and the general logic of packaging development for each new city.