Redesign of Vika Car Repair Materials

Ohmybrand has carried out a delicate redesign for the brand of auto repair paint and varnish materials “Vika”. Keeping the continuity to the previous design, the agency team has reinvented the packaging architecture.



The company “Russian Paints” has been producing car repair products under the Vika brand for more than 20 years. During this time the brand has managed to take the position of market leader with a sales share of 20%. The Vika product range includes more than 1000 SKUs. Communication materials and packages for them were created at different times by different specialists. As a result, it was difficult for consumers to understand this diversity. The Ohmybrand team has been given a task to fix it.


We approached the redesign of a brand with such history and with such weight in the market very delicately and carefully. For the conservative audience of auto dealers, owners of specialty stores and motorists it was important to preserve the continuity to the previous design, to leave the usual visual codes in place.

However, along with the style changes that seem modest at first glance, a lot of work was done with the packaging architecture as well as with the navigation in the line. The reinterpretation allowed us to systematize the impressive product portfolio of Vika. Now it is easy for the consumer to navigate its diversity, compare labels on packages and choose all the necessary related items for the “locomotive product” (most often it is car enamel).

As a result, the consumer accurately chooses the necessary set of materials that complement each other, and the risk of technological errors in the process of working with them is minimized. Accordingly, the level of satisfaction with Vika products is growing, which leads to the increase of the number of loyal customers who are more likely to make a repeat purchase.