Wellbee: busy as bees

Busy as bees: Ohmybrand agency developed Wellbee cosmetics brand and digital-maintenance

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Wellbee, a young company, was developing a new line of products, among others, a cream for problem-prone and sensitive skin with an organic composition. At its basis is a complex of oils and bee-glue in a bioavailable water-soluble form. The cellular level absorbs the beneficial properties of this bee-glue, which speeds up the process of skin regeneration and healing, and has anti-inflammatory and antiedemic effects.

New cosmetics and biochemicals based on the same bee-glue were under development at that moment. With all these products Wellbee planned on going to major marketplaces of the country


Ohmybrand had to create band and digital-maintenance for Wellbee, starting with the brand’s platform and packaging and ending with website and product cards for marketplaces. The main idea was to market this brand through packaging in such a way as to promote it to modern active people, in opposition with standart bee-glue products overflowing the skin-care market.

What did we do:

We created a platform for the brand by studying the target audience, building the architecture, assigned attributes, described character and values, the essence and Tone-Of-Voice Wellbee

For the visual identity of the brand we used forms that refer to the appearance of the honeycomb and the flow of honey, but look more abstract and modern than the usual images of honeycomb and honey.

We developed a universal design that doesn’t have any references to customers’ gender and age.

We created two types of packaging – plain and gift. Both packagings look professional and trustworthy, just as intended, due to the quiet fonts, the use of only two colors on each and minimalist design.

We came up with the original concept of gift-packaging in a shape of opening bee wings – a direct reference to bee-glue as the main ingredient of the cream.

We made tubes in different colors: ordinary – in white, gift – in gold.

We have located certification labels and other information in a way that is easy to read even on small pictures on the cards for marketplaces, while looking as neat as possible.

At the same time, we thought about how the packaging would look on the shelf of the offline store, in the marketplace, and at the customer’s home.

We created the brand’s site in a form of informative landing with internal pages, dedicated to studying bee-glue and benefits of Wellbee cosmetics.

We created clear, informative product cards for marketplaces.