Sleep in Scandinavia: Bed Linen Brand

Development of a Scandinavian-style bed linen brand


For many years the company “Shuyskie Sitci” has been producing European size bed linen for IKEA. After the company left the Russian market, the factory management decided not to stop the established production, but instead to create another brand and to start selling bed linen on the main marketplaces of the country – OZON, Wildberries and Ya.Market. It was necessary to create a completely new, unknown but attention-grabbing and memorable brand.

While creating the concept of a new brand, we considered the main qualities of the product:
European sizes of bed linen

High quality weave
Three lines in different price segments – average and above average

The possibility to buy different combinations within the collection: either only one item, or two items – a pillowcase with a sheet, or the whole set.

Together with “Shuyskie Sitci” we chose a name referring to these qualities. It sounds Scandinavian while being a completely new word – YERRNA.

And then we developed a packaging concept with a simple, understandable and minimalistic presentation of information – only the dimensions and a photo of bed linen, everything in calm, Nordic shades.

In 1.5 years, the brand reached the same sales volumes as before IKEA left the Russian market.