Dobroflot: made at sea

Development of a brand of canned and frozen fish “Dobroflot”, telling about the history of the company.



To design the packaging for canned fish “Dobroflot”


To show the unfailing quality and steadiness of production traditions using stills from photo reports combined with modern elements.


Canned fish “Dobroflot” is produced on a floating fish cannery “Vsevolod Sibirtsev”, a giant ship that has become home for real “sea wolves” that are no strangers to storms and wild wind. This is hard work for brave people who respect tradition and speak their own language. This is why to design the canned fish packaging were chosen simple geometric forms that refer to the generally accepted system of marine signal flags. Color elements are depicted on the background of genuine black-and-white photos from the company’s history. These photos have been diligently collected from local history museums and personal photo archives of the staff. The sign “Made in the sea” once again lays stress on the specifics of production and on the quality of the product.

Color differentiation uses codes familiar to the category, this helps customers navigate the products more easily.

Geometric elements that refer us to the generally accepted system of maritime signal flags are depicted against the background of authentic black and white photographs from the history of the company, a collection of which was painstakingly collected from local history museums and personal archives of employees.

The “Made at Sea” sign emphasizes the quality of the product and the specifics of production – Dobroflot canned food is produced on the giant floating plant-ship “Vsevolod Sibirtsev”.

Dobroflot is the favorite brand of Russians

In the year since the launch of the Dobroflot TM, sales exceeded plans 4 times (20 million cans of canned food were sold during the year), distribution was established throughout the country, the brand appeared in almost all federal chains, became recognizable and quickly gained the position of one of the leaders market. For two years in a row, the brand was in first place in the “Russians’ Favorite Brands” rating in the “Canned Fish and Meat” category.

From a food brand created initially for canned food, Dobroflot was transformed into a corporate brand: the Primrybsnab group of companies, inspired by the success of its new brand, was renamed Dobroflot. In addition, the product portfolio has also grown: new types of products began to be produced under the brand, for example, frozen fish. And all this in the unchanged design developed by Ohmybrand.