Fish in a can: playful packaging

Ohmybrand agency has developed the design for the gift packaging of "Dobroflot" canned goods using artificial intelligence.



Ohmybrand has completed an ultra-fast project, which was executed in just a few weeks – the design of gift packaging for “Dobroflot” canned goods.

Ohmybrand has been working with “Dobroflot” for seven years now. Initially, the agency came up with the idea and brand concept for Dobroflot, then they developed a new brand for the company called “Azbuka Morya.” In September of this year, “Dobroflot” entrusted Ohmybrand to create gift packaging based on the company’s idea.


The Federal Agency for Fisheries and Rosselkhozbank summed up their years-long collaboration with a concise phrase, “Fish in a can.” This is a play on words in Russian: a can in Russian is both a bank and a packaging for fish.
The “Dobroflot” canned goods with the project name on the packaging were included in the gift set for participants of the Eastern Economic Forum.

Ohmybrand had to come up with the visual appearance of the packaging. After some thought, the agency proposed using artificial intelligence to generate visual options. “Dobroflot” supported this cutting-edge approach to solving the task.

This is a play on words in Russian: a can in Russian is both a bank and a packaging for fish.

What we did

Developed a common visual concept: fish as bank clerks.

Formulated and refined prompts – requests to AI that describe the image’s appearance as clearly as possible.

Processed the initial results obtained and added new details to the prompts.

Compared all final illustrations with real fish images to ensure their 100% authenticity.

“This was our first commercial experience using AI,” says the agency’s director, Nadezhda Parshina. “We offered it to the client without a shadow of a doubt, and the client supported us. The success of this project, in my opinion, once again proves that neural networks in the future will not take away the work from designers but will become another stylistic tool, like a pencil or brush in Photoshop.”