Herbal teas “Herbarus” about inspiration

Разработка бренда премиального травяного чая: название, концепция дизайна и конструкция упаковки.

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To develop a name, identity and packaging for a premium line of herbal teas.

Herbal tea brings harmony and fills us with inspiration. It is this emotional component that we decided to highlight in the design of the new line instead of the traditional large image of the product group. Illustrations inspired by the Impressionists encourage creative perception of the surrounding reality, inviting you to slow down and see the beauty in every moment.

Working on the visual system of the brand, the Ohmybrand team built it in such a way that it would be easy to scale and develop in the future, adapting it to new lines. And this approach paid off: soon after launching the first line on the market, the company expanded its range and introduced new items.


Herbal tea helps to set our minds on contemplation and harmony that can give us a great inspiration. There is an inspiration in every moment of life – we just need to take a closer look. And it is so easy to seize and enjoy such moments over a cup of herbal tea “Herbarica”.

We developed the structural design of the box and the top flap for ease of use of the box.

The most interactive element of the packaging is the individual wishes in each bag – both a prediction and inspiration for every day.


Within a year of its launch, the line of bagged teas exceeded sales of the brand’s loose leaf teas by 3.5 times and continues to grow.