Nice to live not forbid: Krassa

Development of a brand of skincare cosmetics that gently embraces and cares for women


We were contacted by KRASSA-cosmetics that has been on the market for 15 years as a distribution company. Company management came to a conclusion that their suppliers are unable to deliver the whole line of products essential to the consumers. Instead of searching for new partners, owners decided to set their own production up. They already had an understanding of the market, a tight-knit goal-oriented team and established distribution channels, the only thing left was to develop a brand from and to. For this task KRASSA-cosmetics has contacted us, Ohmybrand. 

We were tasked with developing a brand platform, beginning with strategy and architecture and ending with package design. At the same time, it was important to leave space for future brand extensions, as it had been planning to branch out to the foreign market and have new product additions. The important thing to consider was the complexity of the cosmetics market, which is oversupplied, making it hard for brands to stand out, let alone to become recognizable.

We defined the brand’s core audience. After a thorough market examination and basing on the customer’s feedback we made a portrait of a buyer: a woman 30-40 years old, millennial, living in big and medium-sized cities, has average and low income. She often works “double-shifts” looking after a home and a family while also making money. She gives a lot to others, sometimes forgetting about herself. Sometimes time spent in the bathroom is the only period of 15-20 minutes that she can dedicate to herself, and thus cosmetic treatment becomes the only self-care time she can afford. Cosmetics, therefore, provide her with a bit of deceleration, joy and last but not least with visible results.

We developed brand architecture that factors in all products for different women’s needs — from hedonistic joy of a pleasant smell to specific problems’ solutions.We attributed this brand in such a way that it would be seen as trustworthy by the main core audience: product has the power of “regional” super-components, wields almost perfume-like scent and is made of minimal number of effective and harmless components. Moreover, in all customer-company communication it follows the ideas of natural beauty and its diversity.

The visual concept at its core has an image of a headscarf.

Traditionally, the headscarf was more than just a pretty and functional fashion item, but also a powerful guarding symbol, a talisman, that could protect women from jinxes. Cosmetics by KRASSA like a headscarf protects and at the same time adorns her, surrounding with care and beauty.

Two already existing lines of KRASSA products — Parfum and ProLine — differ in presentation. Parfum – is a line of unique, luxurious aromas, uncharacteristic for the mass-market; they allow consumers to feel themselves as if at a spa-resort. Aromas differ in color of the headscarves depicted on the package. Shampoos, shower gels, conditioners and balsams with the same aroma can be purchased. ProLine – is a half-professional line of task-specific hair products. Packaging is also wrapped in a headscarf which, in order to stay proper for the paramedical category, is decorated quite subtly.

At the same time, patterns of all headscarves look modern and demonstrate that a traditional accessory can be as relevant as the natural beauty of women.