What the Future Holds: Products of the XXII Century

“Guarana, lucuma, moringa and spirulina – what is it? How to use it?”. These are the questions customers often have when they enter the healthy food departments of stores and marketplaces. Even with a huge desire to start eating right it is hard for people who are far from this topic to understand the abundance of information and to find useful natural supplements they need.

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In September 2021 the company “Products of the XXII Century”, which was planning to rebrand a line of superfoods and healthy products from different parts of the world, contacted the Ohmybrand agency.

Previously, the company got most of its profit from the wholesale. Recently the company has decided to expand the geography of its presence and its implementation channels.

The plan was for the “Products of the XXII Century” to be presented not only on the shelves with healthy products, but also on ordinary shelves by categories. That would make the brand familiar to both connoisseurs of healthy lifestyle and to those who are just embarking on the path of healthy nutrition.

The company has carried out extensive work. It has reformatted the assortment, leaving only the most useful and easy-to-use ingredients. It has also expanded the line of ready-made products with added functionality (for example, products with added fiber and vitamins).

We analyzed the audience and identified the main barriers of perception that can be influenced by correctly constructed branding: healthy food cannot be delicious, it is difficult to prepare and hard to understand, it does not work and, most likely, the words about its benefits are all lies and “marketing”.

As a result, we have shortened the brand name “Products of the XII Century”, turning it into “22” for simplicity while at the same time emphasizing its new idea.

Therefore, the new concept is based on the understanding of the problems of the entire segment:
the “entrance” into a healthy diet for non-specialists should become easier
consumers should understand at a glance what the benefits of a particular product are and how to use it
eating right is simple as 2×2

1. We have rethought the brand concept focusing on its functionality.

2. We have formed a visual system which is also based on functionality – what the product is for, how to use it and which exact benefits it brings.

3. With the help of concise design and a single (orange) color corporate identity we have conveyed the character of the brand – bright, cheerful and easy to understand.

4. Product lines have been highlighted with designations on the packaging and unique patterns in the logo “22”. At the same time, the pattern for the product line stays the same and the colors of the pattern match the color of the packaging background.

To complete the image of both fun and useful products, additional information has been added: funny phrases and instructions on how to properly dispose of the packaging and how to recycle parts of it.

We have developed a design guideline for packaging design by which the company will be able to scale the brand and independently generate new packages.