Atlantika salt: the whole point is in freedom

Rebranding of the line of sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean, offering to expand culinary horizons

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The Salina Trade company has been producing Atlantika sea salt for several years. In 2021, the company conducted market research and decided to expand the brand portfolio, introduce new products, modernize outdated designs and change the packaging itself – the closing valve turned out to be insufficiently functional and often did not suit customers. Salina Trade approached Ohmybrand with a request to rethink the brand design.

Seagull, sea and horizon

We analyzed all product categories, reworked the selection of materials and design principles for each category, and ultimately developed a brand book with new, more stringent rules.

что сделали

We wrote down a brand legend based on the origin of the salt.

We rethought the visual language and updated the brand, adding a new interpretation to it, while maintaining the recognizable brand symbol – the seagull.

We worked on the structural design: we changed the valve, making it more convenient to use; The packaging proportions were changed, and the format itself was made more elegant with the same weight.

We introduced a visual differentiation of different types of salt by color, so now the buyer will not confuse the products in the store. Improved product visibility on the shelf. Windows were added to the packaging of the new line, where technologically possible, thanks to which the buyer sees the product in advance before making a purchase.

In January 2022, the redesign of Atlantika salt packaging received one of the awards at the international WBDS competition.

выполненные услуги

Packaging design
Structural design
Brand legend


Salina Trade


Creative director – Nadezhda Parshina
Art director — Ekaterina Kaygorodova
Designers: Ivan Zhinzhin, Ekaterina Vorobyova
Business Development Manager – Vlada Spiridonova
Project managers—Tsareva Anna, Kryuchkova Katerina

from “SalinaTrade”

Head of Marketing – Anna Alekseeva