Perekrestok has updated the design of ready-made cooking zones in stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg


Creative director Nadie Parshina, Art-director Ann Rufova, Designer Kudrinskaya Evgenia, Project manager Ann Tsareva  


The Perekrestok retail chain, together with the Ohmybrand branding agency, has updated the design of ready-to-eat cooking zones in stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The new design focuses customers’ attention on saving the time they will get by opting for ready-to-eat meals. The new design concept for supermarkets is based on the need of Perekrestok customers for additional free time. The “Ready-to-eat” category fully satisfies this customer need, freeing up a certain number of minutes. For example, borscht bought in the Perekrestok store gives the client 55 minutes “for himself,” and bolognese pasta – 42 minutes.

The updated layouts represent a visual system of store design, which organically fit into the overall interior design and are combined with all elements of the sales area. Carefully selected fonts give a feeling of warmth and care, and high-quality food photography demonstrates the professional, “restaurant” approach of the Perekrestok retail chain to cooking.
“We care about our customers and try to offer convenient solutions in order not only to make their life easier, but also to save time. This year we have set ourselves the goal of popularizing the packaged finished product category. Our clients can come and choose a ready-made meal based on their goals and taste preferences, while saving time on preparing other favorite dishes. So that customers can easily and easily find the right product, we, together with our partners Ohmybrand, have developed a convenient and intuitive navigation in Perekrestok stores. When developing the design concept, key consumer barriers and shopping preferences in this segment were also taken into account. Before getting to store shelves, ready-made food is thoroughly tested in the quality department. It is important for us to be 100% sure that we offer only fresh and high-quality products that meet the declared taste and external characteristics “, – Alina Yukhnevich, Head of Strategic Marketing Projects of the Perekrestok retail chain.

“Where can I get time for …? The end of this question can be varied, but it is somehow asked by the majority of modern urban residents, and hence the target audience of Perekrestok. The creative concept proposed by Ohmybrand carefully responds to this “pain” “, – Nadezhda Parshina, creative director of Ohmybrand.