Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is one of the most significant components of the company’s success. It is the foundation on which further company evolution is settled. It also tells exactly what the brand is, for whom it was created and what steps need to be taken to grow. The Ohmybrand experts will formulate an effective branding strategy for your business, which will help you create a successfully working brand.

What is a brand strategy for?

A brand strategy carefully worked out allows to:

  • identify the target audience, values, and philosophy of the company;
  • increase sales;
  • form long-term consumer loyalty;
  • stand out from your competitors;
  • occupy a new niche or get into a new market;
  • allocate a budget for effective development;
  • revive interest of the audience and regain market share of the brand represented on the market.

The Ohmybrand professional team implements the project in several stages:

1. Auditing of the Market Environment

We select the most suitable market niche, study the market conditions and competitors carefully, i.e. the strategies they use and the assortment they present. Also, we conduct marketing research: we identify the target audience, their needs and “pains”, and all possible ways of making decisions. At this stage, the foundation of the brand positioning strategy is laid.

2. Creating Hypotheses

Based on the results of the research carried out we evolve assumptions about the main positioning idea of the business. We define a unique trade offer (USP), company’s main objectives and goals, as well as possible brand development options.

3. Research and Hypotheses Presentation

Firstly, we analyze every single proposed hypothesis carefully, then discuss them with you and ask which of them accord with your own brand vision and perceptions, we identify the weakest ideas and options difficult to implement to reject them. We sieve the ideas unless we agree on the one that works best and that can become the cornerstone of your business strategy.

4. Create of the Brand USP

We study the resources, the potential of the company, and the product features thoroughly; we examine the demand level in the group of the target audience. We emphasize the main idea of brand positioning; according to the main idea we create capacious and effective arguments persuading customers to purchase your product.

5. Identification of the Philosophy, Mission, Values, and Brand Positioning

We delve into your company’s history. Being attentive to our customers’ wishes, we get into the idea of your product. We find creative and accurate images that reflect the essence of the brand. We formulate the business’s philosophy and search for methods that represent the business’s values and mission in the most precise way. Besides, we work on the brand positioning. We think through some basic principles of communication with your target audience and partners.

7. Naming

We hold brainstorming sessions while developing a long list of names for the company. After that, we sort out the received options several times and select the ones that accord with the brand platform and check the registration availability for them. Then we present the titles potentially appropriate for registration providing you with the arguments why we consider them good. In collaboration with you, we choose the option that reflects the values, philosophy, and unique features of the product.

8. Developing a Visual Branding Strategy

We select the identity suitable for your brand, i.e. graphic, color and font solutions that distinguish your company from your rivals. Besides, we find rewarding combinations that convey business values properly and become memorable for your potential consumers. Finally, we register all elements of the corporate identity to protect your intellectual property.

9. Developing a Communications Strategy

At this stage, we refer to the research previously conducted and build up a system of emotional and rational advantages of the brand. Making use of verified and vivid images, clear logical arguments, convincing statements, as well as emotional triggers, we reveal the basic aspects of brand positioning to a potential customer. Additionally, we think through all possible communications options for various target audience groups, select the best communications channels for them, draw up a rough plan and the ratio of messages in communications.

10. Creating a Brand Book

We bring together all our team’s developments on brand strategy, principles of creating of the corporate identity elements on various carriers, and communications methods with partners and consumers.

11. Presentation of the Outcomes

We hold a final meeting with our customer where we present a complete brand strategy and other ideas developed by our team. We deliver the provided materials in a format that works best for you.

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Cases with Brand Strategy:

Why should you entrust the development of your brand strategy to Ohmybrand?

Ohmybrand is a team that has been working in the field for many years; we convey the values and philosophy of each brand in a wise and accurate manner. Also, we tackle all projects carefully, responsibly, and professionally. Therefore:

  • we study the context thoroughly;
  • we examine the case from different perspectives;
  • we combine the opinions of the target audience and the brand creators;
  • we treat your history and values with deep respect and attention;
  • we notice all possible nuances;
  • we use global branding trends in our work;
  • we identify and emphasize the unique features of your product;
  • we assist with legal issues resolution.

Pricing for a brand strategy design

The Ohmybrand’s team of versatile professionals will work out a high-quality, effective, and creative solution for your business. We’ll determine the best visual images that communicate the philosophy and values of your brand properly.

The pricing of our work is calculated individually depending on:

the scope of your project;

the complexity of the tasks, etc. Discuss the project with the Ohmybrand team:

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